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Welcome to your community! Our aim is to build and support a network of people passionate about design for emergency management, whatever your background is.

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Online courses and in-person workshops to get you started or deepen your understanding of design for emergency management.

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We provide international research, design and consultation for community organisations, non-profits, businesses and governments.

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Let’s talk about type

We saw the above figure on Instagram in honour of European 112-day, which celebrates the alarm number in use across Europe on the 11th of February (11/2). Below the number in the image is the Dutch text ‘Daar red je levens mee’, which translates to ‘to save lives’. 112 is also in use as an…

IIID Conversation: Design for Emergency Management

When? 18 January 2024, 17:00 UTC Where? Zoom Saskia van Manen and Claudine Jaenichen will talk about the emerging discipline of Design for Emergency Management, where the application of design takes on a comprehensive role in preventing and addressing disasters. This talk will discuss the distinctions between this emerging discipline and traditional design, and showcase how…

2024 Social Marketing Calendar

This social marketing calendar has a disaster-centred focus.  In the list below you'll find a mix of international days observed by the United Nations and specific disaster anniversaries. Also included are days that may be relevant to the work that you're doing, for example by highlighting vulnerable groups. Not all days listed may be relevant…