FireClear: Visual standards for public-facing wildfire maps to improve spatial knowledge and risk literacy for those living in fire hazard communities.

Using visual standards developed for the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services tsunami evacuation maps, FireClear aims to produce public-facing risk literacy maps meant to improve the public’s understanding of wildfire risk as it relates to their surrounding area. FireClear is not meant to be used at the time of a wildfire, but instead, as a way to develop a cognitive map to improve recall and evacuation route options that differ from the ones taken during everyday routines.

FireClear maps transform data-driven and content heavy GIS maps that are traditionally used for internal decision-making to evidence supported public-facing maps that are useful and memorable for community members to plan, identify alternative evacuation routes, and discover routes that are not part of their everyday routine.

FireClear considers how design supports cognitive variables including collective behavior, tunnel vision, and issues in temporary cognitive paralysis.

FireClear improves transparency and communication between the public and emergency management. Like TsunamiClear, these maps create information and promote awareness that is coherent, cohesive, and memorable.