Southern California Tsunami Evacuation Information

Visual Standards for Tsunami Evacuation Information (VSTEI)

VSTEI will act as an open-source tool for community leadership in emergency management to develop and self-sustain tsunami evacuation information. The Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, U.S. Dept of National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, and U.S. Geological C.A. Survey have endorsed VSTEI.

VSTEI will be a resource hub for emergency management as they develop tsunami evacuation information for their community and will provide guidelines and tools that are cohesive, visually “branded,” and State-endorsed. The purpose of VSTEI is to convey the importance of disseminating clear information, empower city infrastructure and management to feel comfortable implementing VSTEI, and encourage accurate cognitive recall of tsunami evacuation information for residents, tourists, students, commuters and employees in tsunami-risk cities. VSTEI will provide a comprehensive publication of visual guidelines and access to design variables to build and maintain VSTEI maps and preparedness materials.


  • Claudine Jaenichen