How we work


Using a wide range of design-based techniques we identify what the true challenge is that you are facing, and who you are trying to reach.

> Design

We design. It’s an iterative proces.

> Deliver

We deliver. We help you to implement.

> Evaluate

We evaluate. At the end, and at every step during the process.

What we offer


Whether you're looking for a one-off concept or a long-term professionally executed campaign, get in touch to see how we can help you.

We design individual pieces of information, but recognise that these act in a much larger system, which is an environment we're also delighted to design.


We provide consultation for community organisations, non-profits, businesses and governments. Our team is available to provide specialised and theory-driven evaluations that allow us to best aid you and your mission.

Research & education

Our practice is based on research. We conduct our own quantitative and qualitative evaluations of our work, which in itself builds on an extensive knowledge base from a wide variety of disciplines. Moreover, we love sharing what we know, such as in our first book 'Design for Emergency Management'.


Learn in real-time from interdisciplinary experts in the field while participating in hands-on activities to get the most immersive learning experience for Emergency Managers or anyone interested in disasters, risk reduction and design.

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